Flower Bouquet

A collection of our rose bouqet catalogue, for your simpilcity in choosing a right gift for your beloved one. Besides, you still able to have another flower style such as the color and the size. Just simply contact us for more customization

  1. romantic red roses
    romantic red roses
  2. luxury lily casablanca
    luxury lily casablanca
  3. finest creation
    finest creation
  4. romantic casablanca
    romantic casablanca
  1. Special Spring with Liciantus
    Rp 600.000 Bringing a special flower from outside nation named with Lisiantus. Indeed they will bring happiness to everyone who stares at it.
  2. Sweet Pink Lily
    Rp 750.000 Sweet combination such as roses and lily casablanca, fill up every sweet heart of lover.
  3. Cherish Yellow Roses
    Rp 850.000 Tell her you love her, give her the most cherist of our collection today!
  4. Big Beautiful Garland
    A beautiful sweet big garland, fill up with amazing 30 stems of roses. This is undeniable gift to make her fall in love again !
  5. Magnolia the Magnificent
    Super sweet bouquet, to presentate your super sweet love for your sweetest one!
  6. Korea style bouquet
    Rp 450.000 Sweet combination such as roses and hortensia
  7. Huge garland bouquet
    Rp 2.000.000 Can't wait to see her reactions when she receive these beautiful flower.
  8. sweet bouquet with light blue paper
    Rp 800.000 Bouquet of blue roses a combination of lilies
  9. simple bouquet of new collections
    Rp 200.000 Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.
  10. 150 roses garland bouquet
    Rp 2.300.000 large bouquet with 150 roses.